Meet the Team

Steven Berlin, MD, FACOG


“I have always felt that it is important for patients to be allowed to help in making decisions regarding their medical care. It is never a good idea to tell someone they HAVE to do something. Rather, by explaining all of the reasonable options available, the patient is allowed to help in making the best decision for themselves. This increases not only the likelihood of patients of sticking with any medical care plan but also increases their satisfaction since they were able to have a say in their care. This goes along with giving patients the time they need whenever they need it.”

Leslee Gold, NP

Nurse Practitioner

“A woman’s health is affected by all of the factors that touch her life; her family, relationships, work environment, and her spiritual values. My goal as a health care provider is to deliver quality patient care, including woman-focused heath promotion and disease prevention, and management of chronic health conditions with compassion and understanding.”

Peggy Stouffer, PA-C

Physician Assistant

“I love being a Physician Assistant in Gynecology! I love being able to diagnose and treat patients. I enjoy educating and teaching patients. The aim of medicine is to prevent or control disease so that you can enjoy life.”

Steven Adashek, MD, FACOG

Obstetrics and Gynecology

“Women lead complicated lives with issues that can have a profound effect on every aspect of their lives. Listening to my patients’ concerns, sharing medical information, and making them an active participant in their health care, are central to my practice of medicine. One of the joys of being an ob-gyn is being part of a patient’s life over many years. From young teens to post-menopausal women, I seek to improve my patients’ overall health and sense of well-being by providing compassionate care for all stages of a woman’s life.”